Your Social Network Likes To Answer Questions

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago we looked at some of the largest Facebook pages to see how administrators are using them for their brands.

This week we developed some simple stats to see how the type of post affects engagement. We started with posts from each page that were at least 24 hours old and looked for the number of comments and the number of likes as indications of engagement. Finally we divided the total of comments and likes by the total number of members of the page to get an engagement percentage.

We also classified each post by type (question, promo, etc.). For this analysis we just compare engagement percentages for questions versus all other types of posts.

Is anybody surprised that engagement seems to be much higher for posts that ask the community to answer a question? Engagement rates were less than 1% for all of the posts we tested. Here are the engagement percentages for the ten pages we looked at…

  • .04% for non-question posts
  • .10% for question posts

Just for comparison purposes, we checked a page that we know gets good engagement –’s Facebook page at and find that they get .09% engagement from questions that they post quite frequently. Despite the low numbers, it looks like questions get about two times as much participation as other types of Facebook posts.

What is your page’s engagement percentage? Which types of questions get the best response?

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