Mind Mining

May 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

There is a lot of talk about big data and data mining. It’s all good stuff as people try to get control of their data stream and monetize it. The current state seems to be organizational — put it in a form that people can read and identify issues. This is a huge step forward.

What do you think about mining information in people’s minds and organizing it in a way that makes sense? I’m not talking about mind reading, just involving a lot of people in the decision-making process in order to find the best solution to everyday problems. You could involve employees, customers, prospects, and etc. Here is how it works…

Come up with the ten best solutions to any business problem you have and show it to any group of people who can help you. Ask them to review 10 possible solutions¬†from the pool and indicate those solutions they agree with. Then prioritize those they agree with. If they have new solutions or don’t see their solution, they can add to the pool of solutions. After everyone has a chance to respond, drop the solutions with a low percentage of people who agree or a low percentage who feel they are priorities.

Once you have the top 10 or so solutions from the group, combine it with the ten you started with and pick the one that makes the most sense –the best decision.

Mind Mining

How Mind Mining Works



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