CloudMR Instant MarCom™

CloudMR Instant MarCom™

Find the best wording from any set of communication ideas. There are two ways to purchase CloudMR Instant MarCom™.

Self-service Instant MarCom™ Features

  • Access to patent-pending Instant MarCom™ tool.
  • Import MarCom ideas and segments from anywhere.
  • Integrated with Facebook, WordPress, Google+, others.
  • Unlimited number of segment types (gender, age, company size, etc.).
  • Segment by communication channel.
  • Processing words and MarCom ideas.
  • Ignore words.
  • Automatically incorporates new acronyms, abbreviations & spellings LOL.
  • Sorted MarCom Cloud.
 Full-Service Instant MarCom™ Features.
  • Includes all self-service features PLUS CloudMR Professional Services.
  • Conducted by CloudMR’s Senior Market Researchers and Project Managers.
  • Analysis of up to five segments.
  • Coding top 100 comments.
  • Report of the results.
  • Presentation

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