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April 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Heard a long conversation about an NPS sample that includes only the company’s top accounts.

I get that you want to include top accounts in your sample — but to the exclusion of all other customers? This happens to be a decision driven from the top of a large company, executives who want to understand this key group of customers. What they don’t realize is that once they get a score from this exclusive group, the very next question is, “compared to what?”

Stay with me for a minute. What if you get an NPS of 35. Is that good? Is it bad? What if you get a score of 60? Wow, we got a great score. But what if the rest of your customers give you a score of 95? The 60 doesn’t look so good now, does it?

It doesn’t cost a single penny more to survey a representative sample of all customers. Then at the end you can separate this key group from all other customers and see if they are different. NPS is not that hard. Come on people. The worker bees in the room need to tell executives that they are making a mistake. It’s your job. Do it.


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